For business debt issues, and general business related problems, visit our company website Second Wind Consultants Inc to learn how you can get back to profitability.

Our Services Include:

Second Wind Consultants Inc. is a visionary force dedicated to changing the way small business owners operate. Our primary mission is debt workout. We can help you escape the bone-crushing debt service requirements you are forced to absorb in the face of reduced revenues, increased overhead and changing market conditions - impossible barriers to overcome without help. While protecting and preserving both personal and business assets and keeping the business running, we successfully engineer the forgiveness of business debt and reduce the personal guaranties to affordable losses, allowing both you and your business to flourish again, safely and securely, even in our most difficult economy.

This economic and business environment is here to stay for a long while; you cannot just hold your breath and wait it out. You must take action. Read some of the 900+ posts in our blogs and our e-book. Better yet, call us for a no-obligation teleconference so we may evaluate your situation and explain what our strategies can do for you and then come visit us. We'll arrange it all. Inspect us and our strategies, and get to know us better in person. We know what is at risk - everything. Come visit, investigate and then let us do our job, for you.

Call us at 1-888-712-1993. Norm will arrange a teleconference and then a visit. Help is on the way.

Visit our official website by clicking here to learn more.

Don Todrin is Live & On Air today and ev

Don Todrin is Live & On Air today and every Wed. at 1pm on his Blog Talk Radio Show. Listen or call in – (646) 595-2238–successfully-navigating-the-downturn-1

Don’s Topic This Week Is:He Who Hesitates is lost! Delay Can Mean Disaster!

How many times have I heard?
“…if only I had been aware of your services before I failed.”
We’ve saved hundreds of small businesses from disaster, we can do the same for your business, IF YOU ACT IN TIME! 
Here are the cold facts:
After a defaulted SBA guaranteed loan goes to the SBA as unresolvable, in 60 days it goes to the Dept. of Justice. 
The Dept. of Justice has a minimum standard it will not vary from; a settlement ceiling of 50%, sometimes beaten down to 30%, but never lower. 
Negotiating with the SBA, we resolve cases based on the net liquidated value of the guarantor, which can be a lot less than 30% of the debt owed. This is not so with the Dept. of Justice lawyers. The first words out of their mouths are:
“file for bankruptcy”.

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Don Todrin is Live & On Air today and ev

Don Todrin is Live & On Air today and every Wed. at 1pm on his Blog Talk Radio Show. Listen or call in – (646) 595-2238–successfully-navigating-the-downturn-1

Don’s Topic This Week Is:
In this edition Don will explore proven debt workout methods to maintain control of your business future.

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Listen to my most recent Don Todrin Radio show

Listen to my most recent Radio show episode “Essential Financial Systems For the Small Business Owner” here:–successfully-navigating-the-downturn

Listen in LIVE every Wed. at 1PM

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Don Todrin – My New Article in Entrepreneur Magazine

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

7 Ways to Help Ensure Your Business Succeeds

The darkest days of the Great Recession are over, so we are told, but I’m finding that sales have increased only slightly for some small-business owners, while revenue remains deeply depressed for many. While some customers are loosening up their wallets a little, it is clear purchasing habits have changed. Read more –

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Live & On Air at 1pm Today! -Blog Talk R

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Live & On Air at 1pm Today! -Blog Talk Radio-–successfully-navigating-the-downturn

Don’s Topic This Week Is:
“Generating and Closing Sales During These Down-turned Times.”

Subjects of interest which will be covered:

• Relationship Building.

• Personal Presentation.

• Finding the market ‘Niche.

• Building Business through Referrals.

• Getting and using Testimonials.

• Beating the competition regardless of size.

• Selling what they NEED, not what you think they want.

Bankruptcy is NOT an option

Join Don, and call him at 646-595-2238 with any questions or comments

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WordPress Dominates the Top 100 Blogs

April 17, 2012 Leave a comment

From this article:

“WordPress is no doubt a very popular web publishing platform for blogs and other types of websites. But just how popular is it?

We just completed a study and found that WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world. This is an increase from the 32% we recorded three years ago.

Other developments since then include that custom blog publishing platforms are more common now, TypePad has all but disappeared from the top 100, Tumblr has made an entrance, and some companies really don’t want to spill the beans about what solutions they use.”

Read more:

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DON TODRIN Today at 1:00 Eastern On ‘Bl

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment


Today at 1:00 Eastern
On ‘Blog Talk Radio’

Call in to speak with the host
(646) 595-2238

Link here to show:

Don will be exploring:

The Six Biggest Downsizing Mistakes

Mistake 1) Underestimating the severity and length of an  economic downturn.

Mistake 2) Implementing across the board cuts.

Mistake 3) Communicating too infrequently.

Mistake 4) Insensitive layoff procedures.

Mistake 5) Hoarding Inventory.

Mistake 6) Failing to demonstrate how cost cutting hurts you more than it does your employees.

Downsizing was not in the 2009-2010 year plan for most small business owners. No one predicted -or could have prepared for- what has happened to your economy. And certainly no individual small business owner can be held responsible for their company’s business downturn and any attendant need to consider ‘downsizing’- in an economic situation completely outside of their control.

In today’s live broad cast Don will explore in detail the half dozen most common stumbling blocks to consider in any downsizing plan.   

Don will be exploring a new business topic in the broadcast every Wednesday at 1:00 pm Eastern

Don wants every listener and participant to take away something that can be applied, immediately, to their own business.

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